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This is the division devoted to game localization, where we seamlessly adapt your game to the diverse worlds of gamers all over the globe, allowing them to enjoy the same emotional experience no matter where they’re playing.

You spend months creating a high-quality game – why jeopardize its success on the international market with stilted dialogue, inappropriate subtitles, or cultural awkwardness? Proper localization ensures your product will allow players in all your target languages to immerse themselves in the ultimate experience. Thanks to our expert knowledge of the gaming industry, we are able to select the best team of Project Managers and translators for each project based on the specific characteristics of the game and the translator’s profile. Our comprehensive service covers all steps of the localization process: File preparation & Scheduling → Team Set up → Familiarization → Translation → Proofreading → QA → Recordings → Audio QA → Delivery Our team is made up of avid gamers with a solid background in the field and a true passion for localization.

From project management and translation to dubbing and testing, we offer a full-range of language services for game developers and publishers:

  • Project management
  • Translation & Proofreading
  • File management
  • Multilingual voice recordings
  • Professional actors and voice directors
  • Linguistic testing
  • Rewriting, adaptation & visual adaptation
  • Cross-cultural consultancy
  • Terminology and memory management
  • Style guides
  • DTP
We work with: