tech_labtechnical translation

Get ready for the global market and take your products to any corner of the world.

Whether you’re launching the latest video game on the market or you need to update an instruction manual, if you want to engage with your customers, you need to speak their language. When your customers around the world receive your content as if it were created just for them, you can foster close-knit relationships in any cultural context.

Count on our multidisciplinary approach to add the pinch of creativity you need to give your product a truly human voice, even if it’s just an innocuous user guide. Our team of seasoned professionals are all native speakers of the target language. We work with:
  • Architects
  • Industrial Designers
  • Web Designers
  • Tech Companies
  • e-Commerce
We offer our clients a turnkey solution, including:
  • Project management: Planning, budgeting, scheduling, coordination, client liaison.
  • Technical translation: Brochures, manuals, user guides, product descriptions, e-commerce sites, e-learning.
  • Machine Translation Post Editing: When the project suits the requirements, we can determine the right strategy to apply MT and follow up with top quality post editing.
  • Internationalization