translation method

Our principal objective is to recreate your material with a totally native feel, guaranteeing that it reaches its new destination seamlessly. Wordlab’s main asset is a highly trained team of translators and gamers. Our people are supported by a framework of meticulously developed methodology with the best in translation tools, glossaries, style guides and project management tools at their disposal at all times.


At Wordlab we take full advantage of all the tools available for the translation and the localization market, as well as for communication and project management.

Translation memories

We use computer assisted translation (CAT) tools to create and maintain dedicated memories for each client and each project.

Terminology Management for Games Translation

We work with all the official glossaries (HMTs) of the principal developers and hardware manufacturers, such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

We also create and maintain terminology databases, glossaries and lexicons for each project and client. This allows us to ensure consistency throughout projects and to leverage the amount of work of future assignments.

Gaming Style Guides

We have created style guides for the translation of videogames. These are internal tools developed by Wordlab that we use in all our game projects. We can assist you in developing customised style guides to meet your specific requirements.

Pre-production check lists

We have compiled a list of the most relevant issues developers need to take into account when preparing their game for localization.

We use: