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Los entresijos de la localización de videojuegos

Article published in Meristation,the leading online publication on videogames in Spanish. Diana introduces gamers to the art of localization.

It’s a funny game + Learning from the amateurs

On how computer games have taken translation problems to another level and how amateur translation works. First published in The Linguist, the magazine of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

Sayonara, Baby!

Diana Díaz Montón discusses the cultural adaptation of films and online games and provides some current examples.

The Video Game Translator Wishlist

Game localization veteran Diana Montón presents this wish list to stave off some of the common difficulties in game translation early in the development process, and facilitate a quality end...

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¡Hoy se pone a la venta la edición Deluxe de El misterioso viaje de Layton: Katrielle y la conspiración de los millonarios.

Traducido a ES por Jesús Calzado, @Dandastur y @maloria. LQA de @patri_transcrea. ¡Y Ana San Millán como directora de doblaje!

When we localized... Lovers in a dangerous spacetime.

Go down memory lane with @AsteroidBase's Matt Hammill and discover more about one of our favorite projects. You'll sure fall in love with it.

Charla-taller y networking del @LocJAM2 mañana a partir de las 17h en @Kunlabori. Podéis traer portátil. ¡Apuntaos!

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