translation and localization services

Wordlab offers complete localization solutions for videogames, as well as specialist translation and cultural consultancy. Avid gamers, fashion, arts and tech-savvies themselves, our team of professionals brings a fresh and youthful approach to your project.

Wordlab has three divisions

The game lab The division dedicated to text and audio localization and testing of videogames for all commercial platforms.

The creative lab The division focused on the creative translation of Articles, advertisements (film & graphic), screen plays (film & TV), literature, websites, press releases, comics & cartoons.

The tech lab A specialist division for all things technical, from product descriptions to operational manuals and all sorts of technical documentation.






We work with all major languages:

  1. EN
  2. FR
  3. DE
  4. ES
  5. EUPT
  6. BRPT
  7. NL
  8. DA
  9. NO
  10. FI
  11. SE
  12. RU
  13. PL
  14. TR
  15. AR
  16. ID
  17. JA
  18. KO
  19. ZH_CN
  20. ZH_TW

Our services include:

  • Project management
  • Multilingual translation and localization
  • Audio localization / Dubbing
  • Linguistic testing
  • Rewriting, adaptation & visual adaptation
  • Cross-cultural consultancy
  • Terminology and memory management
  • DTP